Media Pro Gallery - Image Size

Why does my Media Pro gallery take so long to load?

You get your gallery all set up, with sleek graphics and high quality pictures; you then go to preview and sit waiting for it to load for what seems like forever! This is a common issue among Media Pro-users, but one that can easily be resolved.

How to avoid large assets

One of the best tools for keeping your assets small and manageable is Photoshop. Photoshop has a built in image processor function that allows you to process a mass amount of pictures at once; this means that you can reduce the resolution and dimensions of multiple pictures efficiently.

How to use the image processor

First, open up a new Photoshop document. Go to File > Scripts > Image Processor; from here you will be presented with the following dialogue box.

Here you can set up the default quality, resolution, and other properties that you want your images to follow. Simply set the folder where the desired images are located, then set the output folder and you're ready to go. We recommend using image dimension of 1200px width and between 300px - 700px height, depending on your image.

How do I know that it has worked?

Once you have run the image processor, file the exported images in your finder or file explorer. If you turn on list view, you should be able to see the file size. An ideal file size is anywhere between 100kb - 900kb; anything greater than 900kb will likely take longer to load. This is why a gallery is so slow to load when all of the images are 5MB and greater!