Media Pro Gallery - Custom Animation

Please note, this tutorial requires you to already have the Media Pro Gallery set up and functioning on your page. For assistance with setting up this widget please see the related articles below.

Stage 1

First, open up the Filter and Animation panel, deselect 'Gallery Images Fade In/Out' and select 'Enable Custom Animation' in the panel. Next use the web link at the bottom of the panel to navigate to the MixItUp site where you can customize your animation.

Stage 2

Once on the site, use the gear icon on the right hand corner to bring up the animation options. You can customize this as desired. 

Stage 3

Once you are happy with your animation, select 'Export Configuration' from the option panel on the website. This will bring up a lightbox with some code inside; copy this code.

Stage 4

Open up the Filter and Animation panel in Muse again, select the code that is in the 'Custom Animation Settings' box and replace it with the code that you just copied from the MixItUp website.


Your new animation settings will now be applied. You can change these back to the default settings at any time by simply deselecting 'Enable Custom Animations.'