How to Set Up the Media Pro Gallery (Basic)

Please note that we have produced several tutorials for this including more detailed levels or styling for this widget. Please see the related articles below for more options.

Stage 1

First, drag the Media Pro Gallery onto your Muse canvas.

Stage 2

To make your Media Pro Gallery full width browser responsive, drag the corners of the gallery to the side to make it 100% width.

Stage 3

Open the Collections panel and add any 'Collection Title' that you want to use. In this tutorial we will be titling it 'Pictures.'

Stage 4

In the Collections panel, on the first image selection (Image 1), select 'Add File' and start adding your content into the gallery using the finder/explorer.

Stage 5

Once you have all of your desired images loaded in, preview your gallery in the browser.

Stage 6

To add more images into the same category, simply copy and paste the 'Collection Title' of the widget.

Stage 7

Make sure that the 'Collection Title' matches the  title you used in the original Collection. In this example: 'Pictures.' If you do not then the content will be seen as a different category and will not come under one grouping.


Your gallery will now be up and running! For more advanced tutorials please see the related articles at the bottom of this article.

Require a video run through? Check this out