Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have an extensive FAQ available for pre-purchase and troubleshooting questions.
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What is Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse is web design software that allows you to design websites and publish them without writing code. Adobe Muse is a subscription-based service and is distributed as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.


What is an Adobe Muse template? How does it work?

A template, or theme, is a ready-made website built using Adobe Muse, complete with graphics, fonts, widgets, and images. An Adobe Muse Template can be opened directly in Adobe Muse and users can modify any elements, as well as publish directly without writing any code.


What is needed to use your Adobe Muse templates?

All you will need is a current Adobe Muse subscription and a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Muse.


I’m brand new to Adobe Muse – are your products for me?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our users tell us that MuseThemes has been critical to their overall understanding of Adobe Muse. You only need a basic knowledge to work with our templates and widgets, and we are here to make your life easier. MuseThemes makes a perfect addition to your Adobe Muse/Creative Cloud subscription.


I just became an annual member – how do I download templates and widgets?

Templates and widgets are available directly on each individual product page.

Navigate to the product you wish to download, and click on the button labelled "Download." If you're not logged in, our system will prompt you to do so using your email and MuseThemes password.

To download all of our widgets at one time (bundle), look for the bundle download link below the main product download button. It is available on all widget product pages.


I purchased an individual template - how do I download it?

After purchasing a template, a secure download link will immediately appear on the checkout page, as well as send to the email address you entered. Be sure to check your junk mail folders and spam filters if you do not see the email.


Links are valid for a period of seven days after purchase, and may be downloaded up to three times before they expire. Full details of your download limits are included with the notification email.


I downloaded one of your Adobe Muse templates – what do I do next?

Simply unzip the file and locate the .Muse file. Open this file directly in Adobe Muse. Once the template is open in Muse, you may make any modifications needed for your website. Colors, fonts, and images can be customized to fit your brand.


Linked graphics and textures in the “assets” folder may need to be relinked to the template. Read the included PDF for detailed instructions on relinking assets.


Can I use templates for client websites?


Once you download a template, you may use it to build personal or commercial websites without limitations. Please note, however, that resale or distribution is not permitted. For more information, read our terms of use:


Do you offer individual widgets for download/sale?

We have a small selection of Adobe Muse widgets available on the Adobe Add-on Space, which can also be found by filtering by "Free" on our widget page. However, the majority of our widgets are part of the annual membership plan. We may consider offering all individual widgets for sale in the future.


How soon after I sign up for a membership can I download templates and widgets?


You will automatically be able to download templates, as well as the “MuseThemes Widgets” and “MuseThemes Toolbox” files needed to import our tools into your software.


Are you affiliated with Adobe?

We are not officially affiliated with Adobe, but we are excellent friends. Adobe strongly supports our products, and we have, in fact, built many of the official Adobe Muse demo assets.


Your annual price seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?

No catch, scout’s honor!


We don’t believe you should pay more for our templates and widgets than you pay for Adobe Muse. If Adobe can pay an entire team of engineers to build this great product, why should you pay more for our templates and widgets? As a small business ourselves, we want to provide a cost-effective solution to other small businesses and freelancers.


Our up-front $69 fee gives you immediate access to our library of products. The $9 / month subscription keeps your membership active, and gives you access to all of our new products and goodies.

Can I remove the MuseThemes credit in the footer of my website?

Feel free to modify the template as you see fit.


However, we do have an Affiliate Program that will give you cash for referrals. Using our Affiliate Program Widget, you can include your personalized affiliate link within the MuseThemes logo, ensuring you get credit for any purchases that come through you. Check out the program for info on how to set this up:


Do your templates include images?

We typically source original, distribution-permitted images and include them with our templates. Unlike many other template sites, which use placeholder images (making editing difficult), what you see in our preview links is exactly what you get. In special cases where we can not distribute the images, we will specify this on the template preview page.


In the event of a photo copyright violation, must be notified and will remove the photos immediately. These photos should not be saved, copied or redistributed in any way.


What file format do templates come in?

The template files are downloaded as .zip files with all linked assets included. Once you unzip this, the Muse file itself is a standard .muse extension.


I’ve never worked with Adobe Muse before - can you give me the basics?

We recommend visiting the Adobe TV website for Adobe Muse tutorials and training videos, as well as the Adobe Support Forum and community feedback systems for additional information:


As well, check out the tutorials available from MuseThemes founder, Steve Harris. In his courses, Steve takes you through his unique process for designing a portfolio site in Adobe Muse, as well as building a mobile site. Learn more at


What payment methods do you accept?

Memberships can be purchased using all major credit cards. Please note you can not purchase a subscription using Visa Debit (or similar credit/debit cards), as they do not allow recurring billing (required for memberships).


Single templates can be purchased using all major credit cards, as well as Visa Debit and PayPal. We can accept PayPal for memberships only in certain circumstances. Please email us at to request a membership via PayPal.


Where can I download my invoice/receipt?

Receipts are sent automatically via email when you signup. To download a PDF copy, click on the “billing portal” link included with your signup email. If you have trouble accessing this link, send us an email at and we can send it your way.


What happens to my templates and widgets when my membership expires?

Nothing at all.

As long as you downloaded the files, these belong to you. You can keep using MuseThemes files after your membership expires.


Can I cancel my annual membership?

Although we work extremely hard to ensure you won’t want to cancel, we want to ensure you only use MuseThemes because it is best for you. If you need to cancel, please send your cancellation request to

We only offer refunds on existing memberships under certain circumstances. If you have decided that you can’t use your MuseThemes subscription and have not downloaded any templates or widgets, we are happy to provide refunds within 30 days. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds once any of our widgets or templates are downloaded, as we have no way of recovering them.

All single-template purchases are final.


How do I modify the graphics, text, and links in a template file?

All graphics, text, and links can be changed directly in the Adobe Muse file. In cases where a logo or texture is linked to an external image file, you may relink it to a different graphic you have in mind or simply modify the original graphic and update the asset in Adobe Muse(think “Update Links” in InDesign).


Text is based on established paragraph styles, however you may modify them as you see fit. The fonts are pulled straight from the Adobe Typekit library and are available directly in Adobe Muse.


How do I edit the mobile/tablet versions of your templates?

All of our templates come complete with mobile versions and some come with a tablet version. To edit either version for your site, click the “Phone” or “Tablet” layout buttons in the “Plan” view in Muse.


When I open a template I receive a warning about “Missing Assets” - how do I fix this?

Assets are included with each template, but must be relinked in Adobe Muse when transferring files to a new computer. The instruction document included in the .zip template file contains more detailed instructions.


How can we add blogs to our Adobe Muse sites?

Blogging isn’t currently available directly in Adobe Muse, but can be achieved with third-party services. You may wish to check out our Mumblr widget, this widget pulls content from your Tumblr blog onto the Muse page.


Do your widgets require specific hosting providers?

Although we don’t release widgets that require specific hosting (e.g. Business Catalyst), some of our widgets do require you to signup with a third-party system (e.g. Swiftype or Shoplocket). Most of the third-party systems we use are free to signup.


How do I add a content management system to my Adobe Muse website?

If you are hosting with Adobe Business Catalyst, you can use InBrowser Editing to integrate content management functionality directly in Adobe Muse. Third party services such as Surreal CMS can be integrated by editing the code in Muse (not recommend for novice users).


How do I use Google Analytics with the templates?

Google Analytics tracking codes can be quickly implemented by adding them to the "HTML for <head>" section in your site properties.


Click here for information on implementing the Google tracking code:


Will my site be compatible with any future updates to the Adobe Muse software?

Existing templates will be updated to the latest version in the online store and republished for purchase. Users who have existing, published sites based on previous versions of MuseThemes templates will simply update their version of Adobe Muse, and republish the site themselves.


Updates (such as bug-fixes) to the templates will be available to the existing customers on an ongoing basis, and will be notified via email when a new version is ready for download.


How do I get support for my templates and widgets?

Check out our YouTube channel for training videos on templates, widgets, and other tips for using Adobe Muse:


Our Widget Vault also offers information and video overviews for all Toolbox items:

If you can’t find what you are looking for send us an email at


Where can I find training videos for templates and widgets?

Visit our YouTube channel for all training videos created by MuseThemes:


Visit our video training page for tutorials on our widgets:


Check out the training series by MuseThemes founder, Steve Harris, for Adobe Muse and more general training videos:


Why am I getting duplicate widgets when I install a widget bundle a second time?

Each time we introduce a new widget into our Toolbox or Widget Library, you will need to install the file(s) again to ensure you have the latest and greatest widgets. In order to avoid duplicates, your old Toolbox or Widget Library must be deleted before installing the new version. We recently introduced version numbers to our Toolbox folder to avoid any confusion.


When I open a template I receive a warning about “Missing Assets” - how do I fix this?

Assets are included with each template, but must be relinked in Adobe Muse when transferring files to a new computer. The instruction document included in the .zip template file contains more detailed instructions.