How to create a HTML link inside Muse

This article will cover how to create HTML links inside of Muse, a key use of this may be for adding links into the  Table Maker Widget.

Stage 1

Firstly, inside Muse go to Object > Insert HTML.

Stage 2

Inside the 'Edit HTML' window that appears, enter your link syntax. There are three main components to a link:

  • <a> tag.
  • href.
  • Text

The <a> tag is what tells the browser that you are specifying a link. The href tells the browser where your text is linking to, finally the text is what will be displayed on screen as a link.

Stage 3

Click 'Ok' and your link will appear on canvas in the default colour of blue. For a step by step guide on how to change your link colours, see the Editing Link Styles article below.