Embedding Google Maps into Muse

Stage 1

First, you will need to go to Google Maps. Once here, open up the sidebar from Google Maps; select 'Share or embed map.'

Stage 2

Select 'Embed Map' and choose the size of map that you require.

Stage 3

Copy the code that appears in the field next to the map size.

Stage 4

Inside Muse, go to Object > Place HTML and paste your code into the box.

Stage 5

Your map will now be embedded into your page.

Do you want to make your map full width?

Simply follow the steps below.

Stage 6

Right click onto your map inside muse and select 'Edit HTML'. Where it says width, change this to 100%.

Stage 7

In Muse, go to Transform, and make the map container 100% in width. You can also do this by dragging the sides of the map out to each end of the page.


Your map will now be embedded onto your Muse site.