Mapbox Widget - Invalid Token

Some users may have recently faced an issue with Mapbox, seeing the error message: "Not Authorised - Invalid Token." This issue is very easy to fix, simply follow the tutorial below to resolve this issue. Please ensure that you are using Version 11.3 or higher of this widget.

Stage 1

This tutorial is only applicable if you are receiving the following error message.

Stage 2

Go to and log in using your username and password. Once you have logged in, navigate to the 'Projects' area; this should display all of your currently active maps.

Stage 3

At the top you will see 'Your default API access token' - this is required for your Mapbox widget. Copy and paste this token using the clipboard icon to the right of the token text.

Stage 4

Paste your new access token into the Mapbox widget Options panel inside Muse. Once you have done this, paste your correct Map ID and your map should now load inside Muse.

Require additional support?

If you require additional support on this issue then please contact us via  our contact form on our website. Please ensure that you have correctly followed this tutorial before contact us.