Fullscreen Background Video Widget

Stage 1

First, drop the Fullscreen Video Background widget onto your Muse canvas.

Stage 2

Next, locate your files using the 'Add File' link from the Options panel. For this you will need both an MP4 file and a Webm file. For further information on Webm, click here. Or for a Webm conversion tool, click here.

Stage 3

Add both of your videos into the Options panel.

Stage 4

Preview your page in browser to see your fullscreen background video.


Your video will now be displaying in full on your browser background. Please note this widget does not work for Tablet or Mobile layouts.

Having issues with your videos playing?

Quite often member have issues with videos playing due to the codec that they used to export their video. We recommend that if a customer is having issues with getting a video to play, try exporting the video with a different codec.