Dropdown List - Custom Buttons

Stage 1

Firstly drag the Dropdown List widget onto your canvas in Muse.

Stage 2

Open up the Library panel and drag a state button onto the canvas. Alternatively you could use text or an image as a custom button, but in this example we will be using a state button. If you decide to use an alternative to a state button, simply skip Stages 2 & 3.

Stage 3

Style your state button as you wish on your canvas.

Stage 4

Open the Graphic Styles panel and create a new graphic style with your state button selected; you can name your graphic style as desired; in this example we are naming it 'dropdown.'

Stage 5

Navigate to the main section of the widget and open up the Options panel. In the 'Custom Button Graphic Style' field enter the graphic style name that you assigned to your state button.


Your dropdown list will now be triggered when you click on your new custom button. 

Require a video run through? Check this out