How to Use Graphic Styles

Graphic styles allow you to set up a predefined style based on another element that you have styled on your canvas. Graphic styles can be very useful, allowing you to quickly style elements without having to go through the whole process of styling again.

Stage 1

We have drawn two squares on canvas, one is colored orange and the other red.

Stage 2

With the orange square selected, navigate to the Graphic Styles panel and create a new graphic style. We have chosen to call this graphic style 'box1.'

Stage 3

The graphic style 'box1' now has been given specific attributes; in this example only that it is orange in color. We can demonstrate this by selecting the red box, then clicking on the graphic style 'box1.' As we can see, the red box has now become orange, demonstrating that the graphic style 'box1' has been applied.

Require a video run through? Check this out