How to Set up the Text Animations Widget

Stage 1

Before dragging the Text Animations widget onto the canvas, you can first set up your text by creating a text box on your canvas with the text tool. Simply draw your text box and enter your text.

Stage 2

Once you have your text on screen and it has been styled to your preferences, go to the Library panel inside Muse and drag the Text Animations widget onto your canvas. 

Stage 3

With your text selected, open up the Graphic Styles panel inside Muse. Create a new graphic style for the text by clicking on the small icon shown in the image below. You can name this graphic style whatever you want; in this example I have named mine 'animate.'

Stage 4

Open up the widget Options panel for the Text Animation widget, locate the field named 'Paragraph Style to Animate.' In this field enter the name of the graphic style that you gave your text.


This widget will now be working, you can further customize the animation of your widget by using the options located in the widget Options panel.

Need a video run through? Check this out