How to Download a Widget – Members

If you are an active member of MuseThemes simply login and navigate to the individual widget page you are interested in downloading. Scroll down and you will see an orange button labeled “Download.” Click this, and a .zip file containing all of the assets needed for that individual widget will download shortly.

Below the “Download” button you will also see a link labeled “Bundle Download” and clicking this gives you the entire widget library.

If you do not see the orange button labeled “Download” and instead see one labeled “Sign up/Log in” you are either not logged in (check the upper right-hand corner for your status) or you have logged in with a basic account. This means there is no membership associated with this email address. You might not have filled out the billing form or you may have more then one account set up with MuseThemes.

Widgets, unlike templates, are only available to members and we unfortunately, can’t sell them individually.